Mission Statement

The global HECONet - Healthy Companies Network is a non-profit initiative supported by the HECONet Sustaining Association committed to promote health and quality of life at the workplace.

HECONet works in line with the WHO (World Health Organization) strategies outlined in the Ottawa and in the Jacarta declarations and focused on the occupational setting in the Healthy Work Approach.

Key objectives are the exchange of information and experience via a global expert community network and the promotion of "Good-Practice" knowledge via a multimedia information platform and multichannel distribution.

HECONet is aiming to promote the implementation of best practices in Health, environment and safety by providing expertise, enabling the possibility to participate in discussion forums and supporting the documentation.

HECONet intends to motivate enterprises, this includes all the different actors as the social partners to use the existing knowledge on how to promote health and quality of life for workers, their families and customers in a sustainable way. This should be in accordance with HESME (Health, Environment and Safety Management in Enterprises), the program of the European Ministers of Health and Environment.

To participate in HECONet promises benefits for enterprises, their workers and customers and enables new business because it stimulates innovation on many different levels.

Other stakeholders like communities, governmental and private cost carriers as well as insurance companies benefit from cost-savings, increase of problem-resolution performance and improved quality of life for the citizens.