The HECONet community is a global network of people from govermental and non-governmental organisations, the industry and the third sector.

Among the HECONet people are reknown experts for all areas of occupational health, environment and safety, engineering, fundraising, media and information technology.

Professionals and volunteers invest their creativity and expertise into projects, which contribute to a better quality of life.

The HECONet community members are jointly creating a shared knowledge base, which enables them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

HECONet members benefit from special services and offerings:

But HECONet is much more - we also have special interest groups for elderly people, gender specific issues and our kids...

The HECONet kids are our "task force" to uncover problems and find smart solutions.

HECONet kids are scouts discovering and documenting the working environment of their parents. Their open mind and perspective leads them directly to the obstacles of children and family friendly design of working.

From time to time HECONet kids are engaged in international partnership projects.