Knowledge Base

The HECONet Knowledge Base will be making use of advanced technology:

HECONet is committed to use open standards for technology and content to ensure seamless processes in content design, editing, distributing and access.

We envision a distributed network of independent but dependable structured information systems of trustworthy information providers.

The HECONet Knowledgebase will make use of metadata technology (controlled vocabulary) and the information ressource description framework proposed by the semantic web initiative to enable efficient retrieval. The open ISO Standard SGML/XML, used widely in the industry will enable our "create once - use in many different ways" strategy.

HECONet encourages information providers to contribute their commented site indices (RDF/XML) with abstracts into the HECONet Indexing Server.

HECONet will develop and provide a user friendly, smart, next generation content selection system as a single point of access.